Super Familiar with The Wilsons

Alex the Seal and Other Non-fiction

February 08, 2021 The Wilsons Season 2 Episode 8
Super Familiar with The Wilsons
Alex the Seal and Other Non-fiction
Super Familiar with The Wilsons
Alex the Seal and Other Non-fiction
Feb 08, 2021 Season 2 Episode 8
The Wilsons

It Ain't Easy Being Mondegreen - Often great works of literature are are The join us as we try to guess these well known and not so well known song misheards.

Opening music by Josh Wilson.

All other music is by Andrew Wilson - Find him at

Super Familiar with The Wilsons 

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It Ain't Easy Being Mondegreen - Often great works of literature are are The join us as we try to guess these well known and not so well known song misheards.

Opening music by Josh Wilson.

All other music is by Andrew Wilson - Find him at

Super Familiar with The Wilsons 

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Josh Wilson  0:00  
It's time. Are you ready? Let's go.

This is super familiar with the Wilsons. I'm Josh.

Amanda Wilson  0:20  
I'm Amanda.

Josh Wilson  0:21  
And here we go again. Amanda, are you ready for a program?

Amanda Wilson  0:26  
you know, doing the same thing that I've been doing every day for the past 360 years or so.

But I'm good.

Josh Wilson  0:35  
So we missed recording last week, because why did we miss recording last week?

Amanda Wilson  0:41  
We are tired because we have a child that doesn't sleep and also just tired.

Josh Wilson  0:49  
So I thought we would do today is we'd have a little fun. And then after some fun, we'll have a couple of recommendations. How about that?

Amanda Wilson  0:57  
Sure. I'm ready.

Josh Wilson  1:01  
So first off, I want to ask you a question. Amanda. Do you know what a mondegreen  is?


A mondegreen is defined as a misheard word or phrase that makes sense in your head. Have you heard this phrase?

Amanda Wilson  1:19  
No. But the cross eyed bear that you gave to me?

Yep. Got it.

Why are you looking at me like that? What

Josh Wilson  1:28  
did you just say?

Amanda Wilson  1:29  

you mentioned that we were going to play music based something and now you're saying are you still recording? Yeah. And now you're saying that staying in?

Okay. Well,

I don't know. I got confused. But you mentioned I was going to music game then you mentioned monda green. And so that made me think about the Atlanta Morissette lyric, the cross eyed bear that you gave to me, I assume we're gonna do the misheard lyrics thing that

Josh Wilson  1:55  
is right.

So I'm gonna read you the misheard lyric, and you need to tell me what the real lyric is and what song It's from. Okay. Okay, ready?

Amanda Wilson  2:04  
Yes. Alanis Morissette, the cross I bear that you gave to me.

Josh Wilson  2:09  
The cross eyed bear

Amanda Wilson  2:11  
the cross I bear that gave to

Josh Wilson  2:12  
me, okay, so, start easy because the list starts easy and then we go from there. Okay, so misheard hold me closer, Tony. Dan.

Amanda Wilson  2:22  
Well, sure. Yes. Okay. Tiny Dancer.

Josh Wilson  2:25  
But what's the original?

Amanda Wilson  2:26  
It's the hold me closer. Tiny Dancer.

Josh Wilson  2:29  
That's right. It's one of the most frequently Mertz misheard lyrics. This elton john blooper has spawned a life of its own. So there you go. All right. When discussing in friends when discussing Yes, the most romantic songs of all time, Phoebe says

Amanda Wilson  2:46  
is the one that that elton john wrote for the guy from who's the boss. Yes, I was gonna tell you it was in friends.

Josh Wilson  2:52  
Next we built this city on sausage rolls

Amanda Wilson  2:58  
and well did lab baby right this

Josh Wilson  3:00  
well, it's a misheard lyric. That lad baby took advantage of

Amanda Wilson  3:05  
that we built the city on rock and roll.

Josh Wilson  3:07  
That's right. So if you've never heard of lad Baby, I think we've mentioned that baby before a British YouTuber who started by doing cute hacks of different things like like baby hacks, but him his wife are just funny so that's an extra rack there were wrecking lead baby. Never heard them. Okay, ready? Yes. Give me the Beach Boys and free my soul.

Amanda Wilson  3:30  
I give me the beat boys and free my soul but the Beach Boys kind of works if that's liberating for your soul.

Josh Wilson  3:35  
It does. So this was a song that was one of uncle crackers most famous songs, but it's a cover.

Amanda Wilson  3:42  
What is Uncle cracker doing with his life?

Josh Wilson  3:44  
I don't know. That's a different show. Okay, next misheard lyric. All of the lonely Starbucks lovers.

Amanda Wilson  3:54  
Is it starcrossed lovers? No, I'm making a guess because I don't know what else. What else would sound like Starbucks?

Josh Wilson  4:03  
The original lyric is Got a long list of ex lovers. Nope, by whom?

Amanda Wilson  4:10  
Does a Taylor Swift song but nope. That those things aren't even similar.

Josh Wilson  4:18  
Next misheard saving his life from this warm sausage tea. Oh.

Amanda Wilson  4:26  
As it is that Killing Me Softly from the song not that was the the lyric

Josh Wilson  4:36  
of the song. Yeah. saving his life from this warm sausage tea.

Amanda Wilson  4:41  
I have no idea. Galileo, Galileo. Okay, okay, royalties

Josh Wilson  4:46  
from this monstrosity. Don't worry about that because there's no way anyone would recognize that as being a part of Bohemian Rhapsody. Next, I like big butts in a cannibal.

Amanda Wilson  5:00  
I mean, clearly this is sir mix a lot. And I but no, never thought about can have limes.

Josh Wilson  5:09  
Alright, ready next one misheard quote a year has passed since I broke my nose.

Amanda Wilson  5:16  
I have no idea

Josh Wilson  5:18  
Message in a Bottle by the pool. A year has passed since I wrote my note.

Amanda Wilson  5:25  
Sting wrote a song to commemorate the anniversary of breaking the nose. Yes, love it.

Josh Wilson  5:31  
Okay, let's see. Here's one. This is kind of all over the place. I guess. A lot of these are older songs because people have had longer to miss hear them. Yes. This is the dawning of the age of asparagus. Okay, well

Amanda Wilson  5:42  
sure. It's the dawning of the Age of Aquarius from hair but also you know what's funny is that you sing these things and they just make sense to you until you realize it's not what it is. And you think how stupid am I? Well,

Josh Wilson  5:55  
I never would have gone for age of a spirit. No, no. Okay, here we go misheard lyric. Don't go Jason waterfalls.

Amanda Wilson  6:07  
Chasing waterfalls by TLC.

Josh Wilson  6:10  
But the Jason waterfalls lyric even has its own Urban Dictionary page.

Amanda Wilson  6:15  
Does it really does Yeah. I think it was just a very specific song for one man that really just wouldn't leave the waterfalls alone

Josh Wilson  6:23  
or Mr. waterfalls what Oh, Okay,

Amanda Wilson  6:24  
got it. That sounds his nickname

Josh Wilson  6:27  
Jason waterfalls because he just won't leave the damn waterfalls. Alright next one.

Amanda Wilson  6:32  
No, I thought it was like don't go Jason to the waterfalls like something bad will happen to you. Oh not don't go Jason waterfalls. Like that was his last name. Okay, I

Josh Wilson  6:40  
get it now. Next misheard lyric. Here. We are now in containers.

Amanda Wilson  6:47  
Is that um

okay, sorry. Well, okay. Is that Smells Like Teen Spirit? What is that? Yes. Yeah. Okay. The Corona entertainers.

Josh Wilson  6:57  
Here we are now. Yeah. Although that song has some odd lyrics anyway. Yeah. And also has the sound of a MOO cow in it. So yeah. Okay. kicking your cat all over the place.

Amanda Wilson  7:09  
kicking your can on.

Unknown Speaker  7:14  
This is awful. Yeah. All right, here

Josh Wilson  7:16  
we go next. I see. Okay, this is a little crazy. I want to hold your ham.

Amanda Wilson  7:25  

Why would the Beatles be singing about ham?

Josh Wilson  7:31  
I don't know. I don't know. Interesting thought here. According to music industry lore. Bob Dylan also misunderstood a line from this song he allegedly thought that I can't hide was I get high

Amanda Wilson  7:45  
Well, I mean, I'm going to leave that right there. I don't understand a lot of what Bob Dylan says so

Josh Wilson  7:52  
next misheard lyric then I saw her face now I'm going to leave her


Amanda Wilson  8:00  
I'm a believer.

Josh Wilson  8:01  
Okay, so this article I'm reading this from makes me feel old when it says things like popularized by the movie Shrek I'm a believer was actually released 35 years prior by the monkeys.



Amanda Wilson  8:12  
We are old.

Josh Wilson  8:13  
Oh, this Okay, so this one I've heard this is a famous one. Wrapped up like a douche another rumor in the night. What did you just say? wrapped up like a douche?

I don't

Amanda Wilson  8:27  
say that on the podcast.

Josh Wilson  8:29  
I can I don't even have to mark it explicit. That's the lyric or that's the misheard lyric wrapped up like a douche.

Amanda Wilson  8:35  
Okay, stop saying that word.

Josh Wilson  8:38  
Sorry, is that what are your words? Is that a trigger word?

Amanda Wilson  8:40  
Just know. It's like moist. Okay, we're all done. Now. We've lost half of our audience what was left hanging on? I have no idea what that's from.

Josh Wilson  8:49  
It's blinded by the light by Bruce Springsteen rap revved up like a deuce another runner in the night. Yeah,

Amanda Wilson  8:55  
I don't I'm too young. Mm

Josh Wilson  8:56  
hmm. Okay. Okay, misheard lyric. There's a bathroom on the right.

Amanda Wilson  9:05  
I don't even have a frame of reference for that. But it sounds like a helpful song.

Josh Wilson  9:10  
It's Bad Moon Rising by right. There's a bathroom on the right that would be more helpful.

Amanda Wilson  9:18  
That's good.

That's a good song though.

Josh Wilson  9:21  
There's one ready yeah. misheard lyric. And who knows? This might actually be more accurate. misheard lyric Like a Virgin touched for the 31st.

Amanda Wilson  9:41  
I would have saying and thought that it made sense

Josh Wilson  9:44  
to us for the 31st Yes, yes. Okay, next, you don't know what virgin means do. Okay, so let's see. You're gonna miss me by my walk. You're gonna miss me by my taco.

Amanda Wilson  10:00  
Can I know the song? Um, I do miss tacos.

Josh Wilson  10:05  
It's when we can do something about that. It's not It's not like toilet paper. No, it's cups when I'm gone by Anna Marie, You're gonna miss me by my walk. You're gonna miss me by my talk. Oh, yes, yes all right misheard lyric. We didn't start the fire. It's always burning said the worst attorney

Amanda Wilson  10:29  
Since the world's been turning, but that's funny

Josh Wilson  10:33  
by home. Billy Joel. No.

Amanda Wilson  10:36  
I hurt Billy Joel.

Josh Wilson  10:38  
I guess I hit next Miss hurdler. I guess he's an expert and I'm more an attorney.

Amanda Wilson  10:47  
I feel like I should know that. Yeah, I don't know. I don't know.

Josh Wilson  10:53  
It's CeeLo greens song. Oh, yeah. The Radio Edit being forget you. Yes. Yeah. And interestingly enough, the original line is I guess he's an Xbox and I'm more Atari

Amanda Wilson  11:05  
Atari. Yes.

Josh Wilson  11:06  
Yes. But the other line can also

Amanda Wilson  11:08  
he's an expert and I'm an attorney an attorney. Sure.

Josh Wilson  11:14  
misheard lyric. You've been outright offensive for so long now. You've been outright offensive for so long now?

Amanda Wilson  11:22  
Yeah, no, I feel like that's correct. lyric. For what song? I don't know. But a song that I know. Desperado.

Josh Wilson  11:28  
Oh, you've been out riding fences.

Amanda Wilson  11:29  
Yes. Even not writing fences.

Josh Wilson  11:34  
Okay, Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.

Amanda Wilson  11:37  
song is dirty. Wait, what

Josh Wilson  11:38  
did I just do? I just read the answer.

Amanda Wilson  11:40  
Okay, so now you just want me to guess what the lyric might possibly be. It's almost 10 o'clock.

Josh Wilson  11:46  
When we're recording no

Amanda Wilson  11:47  
one has actually been drinking.

Josh Wilson  11:49  
Well, not tonight. Right? But we haven't been getting much sleep so yeah, but that's a different podcast. Okay, from bird law Blurred Lines. Here's the misheard lyric mushrooms are nasty. And the original line is must want to get nasty. I can't believe I did. This

Amanda Wilson  12:04  
is such a dirty song. Okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna go ahead and record this right now. I actually the song is catchy. But it's dirty. But the Jimmy Fallon tonight show what does it school instrument band like when they do play with the school instrument so they do it the roots and then Black thought does the rap so much better? YouTube it it's great.

Josh Wilson  12:30  
Okay, couple more here. misheard lyric. I travel the world in generic jeans

Amanda Wilson  12:39  
in search of things. No,

Josh Wilson  12:41  
I didn't ask you to complete the song. The original song of sweet dreams are made by the Eurythmics it's I travel the world and the seven C's engineer jeans.

Amanda Wilson  12:54  
Oh, that's that's that's somebody who really really wanted some like guest jeans in the 80s and and get them

Josh Wilson  13:00  
all right. Here's what I've heard. See that girl watch her scream kicking the dancing queen. And

Amanda Wilson  13:08  
watch that scene. Dig it the dancing queen, right?

Josh Wilson  13:11  
digging the dance again.

Amanda Wilson  13:13  
The dance? Yes, yes. ABA like ABA.

Josh Wilson  13:17  

Amanda Wilson  13:19  
it's ABA. I don't know. They're Scandinavian. But it has nothing to do with anything. It just means I don't know how to say it.

Josh Wilson  13:29  
misheard lyric. I've got two chickens to paralyze. I

Amanda Wilson  13:34  
don't know, but I want that to be a song. Well, the

Josh Wilson  13:37  
song is two tickets to paradise. Okay. Two chickens to paralyze heard behind a KFC. That's awful. I'm sorry.

Amanda Wilson  13:46  
So, okay, so can can we like veer off from this game for a second? Because

Josh Wilson  13:51  
actually more

Amanda Wilson  13:53  
it's about chickens. It's germane to the chickens to paralyze.

Josh Wilson  13:56  
Oh, God, why are we gonna stretch that out?

Amanda Wilson  13:59  
Okay, so you know how sup randomly, sometimes you'll get a text that's the wrong number. And they'll be like, hey, and then you say, hey, I've

Josh Wilson  14:05  
got your chickens to bear. I

Amanda Wilson  14:07  
know. Somebody texted me and said, Hey, you killed my chicken, you loser. And then I went on to say no, I really don't i don't have your chicken. I don't know who you are. And they said Are you sure? Like maybe I had forgotten that I

Josh Wilson  14:25  
wait, was that your chicken? Oh

Amanda Wilson  14:28  
your chicken that I killed? No. This person engaged with me about whether or not I actually was sure that I didn't know them and or their chicken. Anyway,

Josh Wilson  14:37  
I think that it was a scam. Okay. Do more

Amanda Wilson  14:41  
tests. Tell me what?

Josh Wilson  14:43  
I don't know. chickens. To more misheard lyric. The ants are my friends. They're blowing in the wind

Amanda Wilson  14:52  
blowing in the wind

Josh Wilson  14:53  
by Bob Dylan. We don't know what he might actually have said though. Yeah. I miss her. lyric and the Baker's gonna bake, bake, bake, bake.

Amanda Wilson  15:06  
And the haters gonna hate.

Josh Wilson  15:07  
Yes. And lastly, misheard lyric or should I just keep chasing penguins?

Amanda Wilson  15:14  

Josh Wilson  15:17  
I don't know, chasing pavements by Adele.

Amanda Wilson  15:20  
Oh, where did they think the penguins were going? Well, no,

Josh Wilson  15:26  
that would be Jason. And he didn't know that's why they were they were Jason waterfalls,

Amanda Wilson  15:30  
that would be a route, not waterfalls, penguins. That would be a really interesting video, just Adele running after penguins. I would enjoy that.

Josh Wilson  15:38  
All right, so it's that time for the program where we make our recommendations. So what's your recommender?

Amanda Wilson  15:44  
Well, that was fun. Thank you for doing that. You're welcome.

Josh Wilson  15:46  
We knew a little inject a little fun.

Amanda Wilson  15:48  
Um, so my recommendation is, okay, well, a little backstory, I get really bored. Because I stay home all the time. And I'm bored. I mean, I work and there are children and but I get bored. And so I have discovered these things that are like nail stick on things and you can buy them at Target and you can buy them at Ulta. And they're like a manicure and you stick them on and I never really been into painting my nails my toes, yes, but my fingernails No, but I like the little stickers because I'll do one little accent nail and then paint something else. But I have discovered this company called Manny me that I belong to the allure beauty box and it was in the Ellerbee boxes month, and you take a picture of your fingers and have your nails like from different angles and they see the curvature and then you upload it to their site. And then they 3d print the nail adhesive things to your exact fingernail shape, and they are the easiest things to apply, then they ship it to you and you get it like seven days, they are the easiest things to apply. Now, the choices I had to choose from my free ones from a war. The best selection however, the ones that you can actually buy, were really pretty. And I'm just going to go ahead and read if you're really bored at home, check out minimi ma and I am He made me.

Josh Wilson  17:12  
Alright, my recommendation is honestly I am a sucker for a good cover song. I love good cover songs. Don't ask me what makes a good cover. Because one day I'll tell you one thing and the next day I'll tell you something different. But I did a deep dive on cover songs last night and I was making the family watch and some of them were really good. And some of them y'all could have lived without. But it's just a lot of fun to go searching for great cover songs I

Amanda Wilson  17:38  
did I enjoy.

I have a I have a cover song station I listen to frequently,

Josh Wilson  17:43  
I used to do a radio show on local community access radio, or low power radio, whatever it's called. And I did a cover song show and I was one of the most fun shows I ever did. So two recommendations off of that. I mean, besides the general do a deep dive and look for covers on YouTube, it's a lot of fun. But the first recommendation is go to the Triple J YouTube channel which is an Australian channel and on that channel one of the the playlists that they have or one of the things that they do is called like a version. So it's like a version it's it's different people doing cover songs and so while you're on like a version I will recommend to you to find dma's version of believe by Cher. Yeah, so good. So um, that's all I'm gonna say so good. And then today because I was doing that yesterday today my computer offered unsolicited a cover that was actually great. It was a band called pomplamoose

Amanda Wilson  18:46  
Oh, I've heard of pomplamoose which is yet grapefruit in French.

Josh Wilson  18:50  
Oh, see, I did not know that. But they do this song that's a mashup of Jamiroquai song and a big song nice what Jamiroquai song virtual reality and stayin alive.

Amanda Wilson  19:01  
Oh, I did hear that.

Josh Wilson  19:02  
Oh my god, it was so tasty. It was so good.

Amanda Wilson  19:05  
Can he does my favorite Jamiroquai song but I did hear that when when you and the world were watching it. I liked

Josh Wilson  19:12  
it. Yeah, so I recommend those specifically but in general go find you a great cover song and then let us know about it. Give us an email drop us an email at the Wilsons at G mail

Amanda Wilson  19:25  
would have no idea what our email is. You know what

Josh Wilson  19:28  
it's because we so rarely get emails and I'm so rarely have reason to check it.

Amanda Wilson  19:33  
You could tweet it at us at the Wilsons underscore do.

Josh Wilson  19:37  
It's super familiar Wilson's at Of course it is. See this is what separates us from podcasters. Right from

Amanda Wilson  19:45  
like actual professional websites

Josh Wilson  19:46  
right? Or even like you know, good ones. Yes. So anyway, super familiar. [email protected] you find a good cover song. Let us know about it because I absolutely will put it in my playlist

Amanda Wilson  19:58  
and we'll talk about it on the next All right, so

Josh Wilson  20:01  
our theme music was by me little mean, a little guitar riff that I have not named. Any other incidental music that you ever hear in our podcast is by Andrew Wilson, my son and a really great musician. We are part of a network of Gainesville, Florida podcast called imagine bill calm. So go to imagine bill, I am a G and D, I ll And check out our friends because they're really awesome. And so, until next time,

Amanda Wilson  20:32  
I'm Josh. I'm Amanda. See you later. Bye.

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