Super Familiar with The Wilsons

Valentine's Day Cocktails and the Twisted History of the Day

February 14, 2021 The Wilsons Season 2 Episode 10
Super Familiar with The Wilsons
Valentine's Day Cocktails and the Twisted History of the Day
Super Familiar with The Wilsons
Valentine's Day Cocktails and the Twisted History of the Day
Feb 14, 2021 Season 2 Episode 10
The Wilsons

We talk about some history of Valentine's Day. Did ya know that two of the St. Valentines were killed by Emperor Claudius? Yup, beheaded. Also, those wacky Christians appropriated another pagan holiday to celebrate this saint. Fun times. 

We then dive nose first into keto-friendly V-Day cocktails...why? Because we are trying to be keto cognizant and life is nothing if not grist for the content mill.

Also, it comes up that Josh has favorite and least favorite loves songs....I'll list them here since we don't get to in the actual podcast.

5.  Stand by Me - Ben E King
4. Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers
3. At Last - Etta James
2. Your Song - Elton John
1. Let's Stay Together - Rev. Al Green

and the Worst...
I Would do Anything for Love (But I won't do That - Meat Loaf.

Show Notes Transcript

We talk about some history of Valentine's Day. Did ya know that two of the St. Valentines were killed by Emperor Claudius? Yup, beheaded. Also, those wacky Christians appropriated another pagan holiday to celebrate this saint. Fun times. 

We then dive nose first into keto-friendly V-Day cocktails...why? Because we are trying to be keto cognizant and life is nothing if not grist for the content mill.

Also, it comes up that Josh has favorite and least favorite loves songs....I'll list them here since we don't get to in the actual podcast.

5.  Stand by Me - Ben E King
4. Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers
3. At Last - Etta James
2. Your Song - Elton John
1. Let's Stay Together - Rev. Al Green

and the Worst...
I Would do Anything for Love (But I won't do That - Meat Loaf.

Josh Wilson  0:00  
Amanda, a young woman was taking an afternoon nap. After she woke up she told her husband. I just dreamt that you gave me a diamond necklace for Valentine's Day. What do you think that means? You'll know tonight he said. That evening the man came home with a small package and gave it to his wife. Delighted she ripped it open inside she found a book that said the meaning of dreams. Now, that's not kind. This is super familiar with the Wilsons. Let's go.

Like I said, this is super familiar with the Wilsons. And this is our Valentine's Day special. Yay. So Amanda, you've got the you did the research. You've got the the the whole show on your laptop there. And so I am going to sit back and let you lead.

Amanda Wilson  0:59  
I love it for the first time. Good. Happy Valentine's Day. Josh, I have a few Valentine origin questions for you. Do you know the origin of Valentine's Day?

Josh Wilson  1:10  
Well, that's a complicated question, because there's a question as to who the original St. Valentine was. And then there's question as to why the date is when it is. So what are you asking me?

Amanda Wilson  1:21  
Well, I mean, I'm talking about the very, very, very, very beginning of Valentine's Day.

Josh Wilson  1:26  
So there was at least two st Valentine's that I'm aware of, but probably more. And I think there was actually three, but two of them got killed by Emperor Claudius for doing no no's. That's as far as it goes for me. And then another one, married people he shouldn't marry or something. Well,

Amanda Wilson  1:44  
I thought it was the Christians weren't supposed to getting married during a certain time, whatever in the Romans, but also King Henry the Eighth as the one that made February 14 Valentine's Day, just so you know, but actually going way back to the origins of Valentine's Day. Some say that it can be traced to the Christian effort to replace a pagan fertility festival that has been dated as far back as the sixth century BC

Josh Wilson  2:10  
not the first time those crazy Christians tried to do that's

Amanda Wilson  2:13  
right. So during the festival of lupercalia, I believe I'm saying that correctly, maybe lupercalia Roman priests would sacrifice goats and dogs and use their blood soaked hides to slap women on the streets.

Josh Wilson  2:29  
And then give them flowers

Amanda Wilson  2:31  
as a fertility blessing, so

Josh Wilson  2:34  
Oh, yeah.

And I'm raring to go now.

Amanda Wilson  2:37  
So from the sixth century BC to the Victorian era. Josh, have you heard of a vinegar Valentine?

Josh Wilson  2:46  

Amanda Wilson  2:47  
Now what might you think of vinegar? Valentine would be

Josh Wilson  2:51  
beyond the obvious. I don't know. It's probably something really, Vic the Victorians. They were so uptight, which tells me that they also got a little freaky, so I'm quite certain the vinegar went places it should know where

Amanda Wilson  3:05  
the bloody carcass went. No vinegar Valentines were created to discourage suitors. During the Victorian era. Those who didn't want the intention of certain suitors would anonymously send vinegar Valentine Valentine's these cards also called penny dreadfuls, which I feel like I've heard of before but didn't know that what that Penny Dreadful

Josh Wilson  3:24  
Isn't that like a I'm not kidding like a villain in some

Amanda Wilson  3:28  
that I really think it is. That was my first thought to they were the antithesis of customary Valentine's comically insulting and rejecting unwanted admirers. So that's a thing. All right, so vinegar Valentine's.

Josh Wilson  3:43  
Now that's just like half of the Valentine's

Amanda Wilson  3:46  
debt just right. Yes. Yeah.

Josh Wilson  3:47  
Also, I feel like vinegar Valentine's or someone who goes to the bargain bin and the wine shop. Like these, these maybe have turned we're not gonna do for three bucks.

Amanda Wilson  3:56  
Today, we gave the four year old his Valentine Card and it said, You're out of this world. And he said, this is not true, because I am not out of this world. So to him that was a vinegar Valentine. He was not into it. So the origin of wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Josh Wilson  4:11  

Amanda Wilson  4:12  
Are you aware of what the origin was from?

Josh Wilson  4:15  
Well, it started in hospitals when they were still trying to figure out how to do transplants?

Amanda Wilson  4:23  
No, no, no. The Smithsonian reports that that dates back to the Middle Ages, where men would draw the names of the women when with whom they would be coupled for the upcoming year. See a year all of these people are just about yours. While attending a Roman festival honoring Juno After choosing the men were the names on their sleeves to show their bond during the festivities. So only good for a year. And my last one my last little fact I have for you before we get into the fun is. Did you know that sweethearts candies, the little conversation hearts started out as a lozenge for illness.

Josh Wilson  5:00  
throat lodges. Yes, yes,

Amanda Wilson  5:02  
you did notice

Josh Wilson  5:02  
Yes. riikola?

Amanda Wilson  5:04  
Well, no, I don't think that riikola made them. But the iconic chalky, heart shaped candies started out as a lozenge, pharmacist and inventor Oliver Chase. I feel like that is just such a name from some sort of modern day rom com, created a machine that would quickly create the lozenges before switching to using the machine to create candy, later known as necco wafers. And if you've ever had an echo wafer, they taste like they're just gross. They don't taste like candy. It's funny

Josh Wilson  5:31  
because I would have said that those little chalky, heart shaped little message things started out as chalk. Like they're so disgusting.

Amanda Wilson  5:40  
Yes, there's zero amounts of flavor and the necco wafers. They're like the necco wafers are like communion wafers, but made out of Pepto bismol. Anyway, tastes his brother came up with the idea to print messages on the candy and 1866 they got their heart shapes in 1901, specifically for Valentine's Day. So that's a little bit of Valentine trivia for you. Now we're going to move into my favorite part of any holiday show. The cocktails.

Josh Wilson  6:07  
Oh, I'm so excited. You should

Amanda Wilson  6:09  
be now we are not cocktail drinkers in this house. We drink wine or we drink our liquor straight or with seltzer.

Josh Wilson  6:16  
And for a little history, I'm not shy in in expressing my general disdain for cocktails. Yes, because number one oftentimes I think that that folks are trying too hard. They'll put five or six ingredients that have no damn business being together. Call it you know the Manhattan footstool and then there you go. But also they tend to sweeten things up and to me that's very dangerous.

Amanda Wilson  6:41  

Josh Wilson  6:42  
you don't want to make alcohol tastes less like alcohol because your accent for trouble.

Amanda Wilson  6:46  
Yeah, no. I Yep. Yep, I agree with you. So I, we also have been trying to be keto in this house.

Josh Wilson  6:55  
What is keto?

Amanda Wilson  6:56  
keto is a form of dietary structure in which you forego you forgot carbs, but keto different than paleo and that you can have some dairy products and considering how much cheese is consumed in this house keto is a better option for us. However, keto does, assuage all and that's not the right word. Is that right? No, they get away all the sugar. What's the word I'm looking for?

Josh Wilson  7:25  

Amanda Wilson  7:26  
eliminates what it says, I'm writer, eliminates all of the sugars. And so it was really challenging to come up with some keto cocktails, but I've done my best.

Josh Wilson  7:34  
Oh, wait. So some of these, though, are probably still sweetened with something rare

Amanda Wilson  7:38  
as well. I did make a keto friendly simple syrup using stevia and Yeah,

Josh Wilson  7:45  
wow. Okay, can we stop for a second? Yes, that for those of you listening, stevia is about 300 times as sweet as sugar tasting. It comes from a plant and actually, I've I've we've got the Botanical Gardens here in town, and they've got a taste and sniff section. Actually, I think it's actually just nibs. It's a sniffs actually made it it's a sex but I do maybe I take a cheeky little pinch of the and stevia leaves a really interesting but very sweet, very sweet. Yeah. And so a sugar substitute because of that, but also slightly chemical tasting.

Amanda Wilson  8:20  
So what I've what I've used Actually, it's whole earth is the brand and it's stevia leaf and monk fruit blend.

Josh Wilson  8:26  
Oh no, I'm

Amanda Wilson  8:26  
so allergic to monkfruit not allergic to monkfruit your legend to mango. So this is a it is zero sugar and calories. It's keto friendly. And actually, it is only twice as sweet. So it's the replacement with

Josh Wilson  8:39  
ricotta with monkfruit would be

Amanda Wilson  8:40  
a half a cup instead of a cup. Okay, so I did use some of that. So there is that and there's one of them does have a little like a splash of a fruit juice in it because I couldn't come up with an alternative. So

Josh Wilson  8:54  
well there are colors here. There. There are

Amanda Wilson  8:57  
there are colors. Are you ready?

Josh Wilson  8:58  
Yes. And so I'm going to rate these right?

Amanda Wilson  9:00  
Yes. So you're gonna drink it? Yes. And you're gonna tell me what you think. Isn't it? Okay, you're gonna rate it. Yes. And I'm gonna tell you my name for it and give you a little bit of like factoid

Josh Wilson  9:09  
that has a lot of steps.

Amanda Wilson  9:11  
Yeah, no,

Josh Wilson  9:11  
I do Is there some sort of List of checks and little, little cheat sheet that I can have place you're going to guide me through I'm going to guide you through them already. stressed step called when you're really stressed taking tests

Amanda Wilson  9:23  
and get test anxiety. All right, now I want you to look at the four glasses in front of you and tell the listeners what what you see. Okay,

Josh Wilson  9:29  
so just to let you know, in honor of Valentine's Day, and these are Valentine's themed drinks, right? They

Amanda Wilson  9:35  
are Yes,

Josh Wilson  9:35  
in honor of Valentine's Day I am going to rate them with it's either good or bad. It's not going to be one through whatever it

Amanda Wilson  9:41  
is not a Likert scale.

Josh Wilson  9:43  
No this is like or hate. So it's gonna be it's gonna be either gonna rate it by giving it the name of a good love song or have a really awful love song. Oh, now it's up to you to decide which is which so I'm ready.

Amanda Wilson  10:00  
All right. Talk to us about what you see there.

Josh Wilson  10:02  
Am I doing that one I got so let's pick it up.

Amanda Wilson  10:04  
Yeah, this is cocktail number one. Number one we're gonna share because there were cocktails being had earlier today. So we're gonna share that.

Josh Wilson  10:14  
Well, we are in low romantic lighting as we are sitting at our dinner table. And so it looks peach pinkish, like lemonade. ish. It's got a bit of a head.

Amanda Wilson  10:31  

Josh Wilson  10:33  
is this is it not supposed to that concerns me? So

Amanda Wilson  10:36  
unfortunately, before I went to make the cocktails or ice maker decided it was all out of ice. So they've all just been sitting in the freezer for a while. I'm not quite sure if that's just like a film of ice. The film doesn't come in film.

Josh Wilson  10:49  
All right, am I supposed to drink this oil slick? Yes, please

Amanda Wilson  10:53  
drink that was like,

Josh Wilson  10:54  
Alright, I smell it first. I smell alcohol.

Amanda Wilson  10:59  
Good. There's some in there.

Josh Wilson  11:01  
All right, here I go. I'm going in near Ooh, very bitter. Well, clearly lime. Probably gn right rum. Whiskey is whiskey some sort of what is it bourbon? Its makers. Its makers. Okay. Yeah, okay, that's what I got. Like bourbon and makers and maybe a little bit of ginger.

Amanda Wilson  11:33  
Now there's no ginger. So this is titled The lady in red, though she's a little more pink because it's supposed to be pomegranate juice. And it's supposed to be a lot of pomegranate juice. But I use just use a splash of unsweetened cranberry juice.

Josh Wilson  11:47  
Oh, okay. Why didn't like it.

Amanda Wilson  11:51  
And I love it. Mineral water. That's what you see is the head.

Josh Wilson  11:54  
Okay, so it's tastes a little chemically for me a little bitter. So I'm going to write that every breath you take one of the worst if that's supposed to be a love song. Every move you make Every bond you break every step you take. I'll be watching you. It's love. Yeah.

Amanda Wilson  12:13  
Okay. Well, it was one shot bourbon makers. Splash pure cranberry lime juice, ice, very little ice and mineral water. Okay, so lady and red. Speaking of really bad love songs, was written by Chris de Burgh.

Josh Wilson  12:28  
Yes, no, I'm very familiar with this whole story. No, not the story, but the song with a song and I liked the song, but it's also on this list of really bad love songs. I just wasn't going to use it.

Amanda Wilson  12:39  
So right and reference to his wife, Diane, who's to come in and watch him play at her parents hotel or his parents hotel bar. It was rated by Rolling Stone as the third worst song of the 80s.

Josh Wilson  12:54  
Really man in the 80s really kind of sucked.

Amanda Wilson  12:57  
Yes. Soderbergh said that the song inspired by the memory of when he first saw Diane and how men so often cannot remember what their wives were wearing when they first met. So this begs the question, what was I wearing when we first met?

Josh Wilson  13:13  
Which time I had zero idea what I was wearing when I first met him,

Amanda Wilson  13:16  
okay. It was all started with

Josh Wilson  13:18  
Christa Bergen that song is a bet you he remembered what she was wearing? didn't remember her name.

Amanda Wilson  13:24  
Lady read

Josh Wilson  13:25  
your name is Amanda Thank you, which means worthy to be loved. Oh, it

Amanda Wilson  13:29  
does mean that

Josh Wilson  13:30  
which I told you early on and it charm you

Amanda Wilson  13:32  
did actually. It This was also voted the 10th most annoying song of all time by dot music in 2000. Now,

Josh Wilson  13:41  
all time My God has been so much well,

Amanda Wilson  13:44  
so Chris Berg, not set. Berg I'm taking the de away after you hear this. Not so much. The romantic, he was noted is having an affair with his 19 year old nanny while his wife was in the hospital for a broken neck. So I'm okay with his song being on the worst list of things. But that was the lady in red cocktail. All right. All right.

Josh Wilson  14:07  
Did you have some? I did

Amanda Wilson  14:08  
I like it. Okay,

Josh Wilson  14:10  
all right. So I'm gonna have to take that off of like my list didn't have season off. This is a subject of another podcast because this comes up a lot. Now, since we know everything about everyone and everything everyone's ever done. Maybe even years after the fact does something that the artist, you know, any sort of egregious act that they commit? Does that negate their art, but we don't have to talk about that. Now.

Amanda Wilson  14:35  
That is a whole other podcast, but

Josh Wilson  14:37  
I don't love crystal Berg. enough to hold on to red. Diane, Diane.

Amanda Wilson  14:42  
We're also getting rid of the we're getting rid of the lady in red cocktail. All right, moving on.

Josh Wilson  14:48  
All right, next.

Amanda Wilson  14:49  
All right, talk about this.

Josh Wilson  14:51  
Okay, well, it's got a lime circle.

Amanda Wilson  14:57  
Yes. And it leaves It's supposed to be a sprig.

Josh Wilson  15:01  
Just don't drink the leaf does not, does not make its leaves. I don't what is a sprig and ate this?

Amanda Wilson  15:07  
It's the stick with leaves on it.

Josh Wilson  15:11  
Okay, and these leaves have been bruised. Did you bruise them on?

Amanda Wilson  15:13  
purpose? Yes.

Josh Wilson  15:16  
And the drink itself is cloudy and ever so yellow. All right, so ready

Amanda Wilson  15:22  
again. Imagine that there's a lot of ice in there.

Josh Wilson  15:24  
Alright, got it. It smells like lime.

Amanda Wilson  15:28  
I think I might have like, stubbed my toe a little bit when I was putting the lineman that's what my mom used to say when she put too much something in something.

Josh Wilson  15:36  
It's got lime in it. Yeah, see?

Amanda Wilson  15:40  

Josh Wilson  15:41  
That one is I would do anything for love. No, that's just lime. Okay. Is that peppermint? That's minute. Okay, because we have a little mint plant. Yes. That that sacrifice three sad little leaves for absolutely nothing.

Amanda Wilson  16:00  
This was two ounces of lime. It's a lot of lime. This did call for a lot of lime.

Josh Wilson  16:04  
Was there alcohol in that

Amanda Wilson  16:05  
there is there? Well, here's the story. It's supposed to be a gin Ricky. What now gin, Ricky gin, Ricky, Ricky. I'm gonna give you the origin of this cocktail in a second. But it's supposed to be an ounce and a half of gin and two ounces of lime juice.

Josh Wilson  16:21  
Right? But

Amanda Wilson  16:22  
we only had one tiny bottle of gin and I needed for the last cocktail because I kind of drink one this afternoon. Yeah, you did not remembering that it was supposed to be for tonight. So this is a ROM Rickey. Okay, which ROM rookies do exist but I don't think they have met which the gin rookies do so

Josh Wilson  16:40  
I didn't taste the the men at all I tasted just the it might as well have just been lime juice.

Amanda Wilson  16:47  
It's it's rum, gin. I mean, it's around lime juice, seltzer mint sprig lime wedge. Okay, so the Ricky it started out as a bourbon drink then it became long I mean, became gin but then lime, but and then other places. They all do a rum murky. It's a highball drink made from general bourbon. Here we got rum, half of a lime squeezed and dropped in the glass and carbonated water. Little or no sugar is added to the Riki which is why it's a good keto cocktail. originally created with bourbon in Washington DC at shoemakers bar by bartender George A Lamson in the 1880s. It preferred purportedly in collaboration with democratic lobbyists, Colonel Joe Rickey, it became a worldwide sensation when mixed with Jen A decade later, because this is Valentine's Day. I am calling this a ROM Hickey.

Josh Wilson  17:38  
Let me hold it up to my neck.

Amanda Wilson  17:40  
All right, moving along, moving

Josh Wilson  17:42  
along. Next. This is a dark beverage.

Amanda Wilson  17:48  
Can you swirl it around a little bit? I think it needs to be stirred.

Josh Wilson  17:52  
Well, this one is shaken not stirred. Okay, so it looks like it is well it's just cranberry juice. Let me smell it. No, what is that? That's like butterscotch

Carmel. Nope.

What is that chocolate? Nope. I recognize that. Okay, I'm gonna go in. Alright, I better like this because I got some good love songs. I want to shout out here.

Amanda Wilson  18:21  
Florencia. His face is not as bad as it was with the lime drinks. There is no lime in this.

Josh Wilson  18:30  
I recognize the taste but I have no earthly idea what this is.

Amanda Wilson  18:35  
So what will give me a love song? How do you feel about it?

Josh Wilson  18:40  
It's not the best thing that I've ever had. So I've been feeling I'm not going to get to at last or stand by me or Let's stay together. This is probably like, call me maybe.

Amanda Wilson  18:59  
Okay, well, I'm calling it made for each other. Because it is two ounces of peanut butter whiskey. Oh, which they make. I did not taste peanut butter, a dash of salt. And half an ounce of jelly simple syrup. Now it's supposed to have grape jelly simple syrup. But this has like mixed berries, because that's all the fruit that we had. So it's just a little bit. Actually it is the same syrup that you were drinking in your bourbon earlier today. But with peanut butter whiskey,

Josh Wilson  19:32  
I don't taste the peanut it's very chocolaty tastes to me. Do you taste peanut butter?

Amanda Wilson  19:36  
No, I smell it. I don't like that. Alright, so that means I might have a rat computery of phobia.

Josh Wilson  19:47  
Do you know what that is afraid of spiders in your drink? No.

Amanda Wilson  19:52  
There are people this is a documented fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. Okay, so dins can include heart palpitations, nausea, sweating, tremors, and a strong fight or flight response. So kind of like how I'm feeling about this cocktail. All right, moving along to our last one.

Josh Wilson  20:13  
All right, well, already I'm very ambivalent towards it because it's got cucumber in it. Which instantly reminds me of of the water that you would get in a picture in a hotel lobby that's been sitting there for three days. Now this does have it just tastes just smells like cucumber.

Amanda Wilson  20:31  
It has a little bit of lime in it. It does like a splash.

Josh Wilson  20:34  
Actually, it smells also like other other green flowering plants.

Amanda Wilson  20:39  
This one is my favorite of the bunch.

Josh Wilson  20:40  
Oh, does this have horseradish? No. Wasabi.

Amanda Wilson  20:44  
Just drink it.

Josh Wilson  20:46  
It's wasabi isn't it?

Amanda Wilson  20:48  
I am calling this Some Like It Hot.

Josh Wilson  20:53  
Oh my god.

Amanda Wilson  20:56  
Now this is an actual cat wasabi.

Josh Wilson  20:57  
Alright, I can smell that. That is called the Why don't we get drunk and

Amanda Wilson  21:06  
so I did not make this up. This is an actual existing cocktail. That

Josh Wilson  21:10  
is the worst thing I have you ever put in my mouth? saying so very much. That's

Amanda Wilson  21:16  
kind of insulting. Um, so it's I couldn't find a cute name for it. Like it's just called the wasabi gin. I am calling it Some Like It Hot. So are you aware of the st Valentine's Day Massacre? 1929.

Josh Wilson  21:32  
I'd love history behind I actually thought you were going to talk about that. I don't know anything about it. But I of course I've heard of that.

Amanda Wilson  21:39  
Okay, so it was the murder of seven gang members and the associates from the Northside gang. It occurred on Valentine's Day. They were lined up and shot in a parking garage. But that that assassination sort of influenced Billy Wilder's 1959 Tony Curtis, Marilyn Monroe and jack Lemmon film Some Like It Hot. So turning Tony Curtis and jack Lemmon play men that dresses, women, they're in drag for the film because they're trying to escape having witnessed something similar to the the Valentine's Day Massacre. Well, that's awful. That was what influenced it. So they're two musicians who dress in drag to escape mafia gangsters after witnessing a crime. Monroe's contract stipulated that all of her friends films were shot in color, but Wilder convinced her that black and white would be better for Some Like It Hot after seeing color screen tests that made lemon and Curtis look green and ghastly and their drag makeup. That is why it is a black and white film so that will do it for our cocktails. None of them made it up to last or what was your What was your top love song?

Josh Wilson  22:54  
I feel like my top one is got to be Let's stay together. Yeah, I mean, I always play that one for you. And so that would have to be a Do you have a top one?

Amanda Wilson  23:05  
I don't think that I do.

Josh Wilson  23:06  
Oh come on now

Amanda Wilson  23:07  
but I do before we go have a what's your Valentine's Day Love Song quiz if you want to stick around and play it with me

Josh Wilson  23:16  
absolutely go ahead and by the way, I want to I have a name for that. That wasabi monstrosity I want to call that in honor of the movie that's coming out the the King Kong Vs Godzilla. I don't know why but that's just that's what that calls to mind.

Amanda Wilson  23:32  
taking it out of the love song cat of the love the balance nothing nothing.

Josh Wilson  23:37  
That should not be it for any reason.

Amanda Wilson  23:39  
She's spicy and sexy.

Josh Wilson  23:41  
Okay, well, it's spicy. We should have learned with our you should have learned with our last podcast that that wasabi is just dangerous bad and yuck.

Amanda Wilson  23:52  
Okay, well we had some wasabi from that last podcasts in the refrigerator that needed something done with it by the way that's just a pea sized dollop of wasabi All right, you are buying a Valentine's Day card what's your style sweet and simple packed with pretty illustrations I'm all about the visuals or the bigger the better.

Josh Wilson  24:07  
sweet and simple.

Amanda Wilson  24:09  
Okay, you decide to spend the evening at the cinema I remember the days when we went to the cinema

Josh Wilson  24:14  

Amanda Wilson  24:16  
What do you watch crazy rich Asians. I just love to flash the cash. The Notebook no maybe a humble man but he sure loves alley or Amelie it's Parisian setting is just beautiful.

Josh Wilson  24:28  
Well, I didn't see crazy rich Asians but it's the only comedy listed so that one okay.

Amanda Wilson  24:35  
Pick your favorite composer. Okay, I can do this for you to view c d abuse. How do you say Got it? Let's get rid of that. Edward Elgar don't know who he is. or shopping,

Josh Wilson  24:54  
shop on shop or shopping as I used to call him now. So

Amanda Wilson  24:58  

Josh Wilson  25:00  
WC okay

Amanda Wilson  25:03  
you're both out. You both pop out for a walk. Where do you go the local park? We love to be around nature. We're off to the rich casual outing darling. Okay, we're just around the block nothing too fancy.

Josh Wilson  25:15  
I thought this was a quiz for just me.

Amanda Wilson  25:17  
No, it's what what our love song as for us as a couple Oh my God, I

Josh Wilson  25:20  
answered them differently now. Okay. Give me the park as long as it's Central Park, so we'll say the park.

Amanda Wilson  25:26  
Okay. It's gift time. What do you get for your other half a kazoo? It's the thought that counts. Do not get me a kazoo. Grand Piano go bigger. Go home. I'll keep it traditional with a sweet sounding violin. I want none of these things.

Josh Wilson  25:40  
But the violin.

Amanda Wilson  25:42  
You would likely more by a kazoo. No, I

Josh Wilson  25:45  
wouldn't. I would write a song for you on my guitar, which is close to violin which I don't drink for. But you forgot I remember all these things.

Amanda Wilson  25:56  
When we first met, which time? What's your perfect bat? We first met at a garage sale

Josh Wilson  26:02  
in a in a parking lot. You're wearing a T shirt?

Amanda Wilson  26:05  
Probably. What's your you don't

Josh Wilson  26:06  
even remember?

Amanda Wilson  26:07  
I don't do I don't remember what I wore. What's your perfect backdrop for a romantic meal? The most expensive restaurant in town? a relaxing coastal venue at the beach view or my living room? I'd much rather stay in with the cat. Have a cat

Josh Wilson  26:21  
be? Yeah.

Amanda Wilson  26:24  
Mostly just to get away from the cat. And finally your Valentine has given you tickets to the opera. How do you respond? I'm ecstatic. This really is true love or oh dear someone that getting dumped?

Josh Wilson  26:35  
No, it's not a Bryan Adams concert. Yes, you can tell that

Amanda Wilson  26:40  
I broke up with him on the way home because I wanted to see the concert.

Josh Wilson  26:43  
Okay, good one. Yeah. And it was Valentine's Day for his birthday. Something now

Amanda Wilson  26:47  
is my prom. We skipped my prom to go to Bryan Adams. My junior prom I did in my senior prom.

Josh Wilson  26:53  
Well, I'd say opera because that's closest thing to what we've actually done which I took you to the Mongolian throat.

Amanda Wilson  27:01  
Singing was our first date our first date.

Josh Wilson  27:03  
If you're not familiar with Mongolian throat singing absolutely stop this podcast right now. Go listen to you some. And then come back and imagine me and Amanda dressed up to the nines, maybe the sevens. And at this day, which by the way, I have some of the music. I enjoyed it. But it was an odd first date.

Amanda Wilson  27:29  
It was but I mean, it did in the first case, so I guess it wasn't too bad.

Josh Wilson  27:33  
That's right.

Amanda Wilson  27:34  
Okay, here we go. Here is what our Valentine's Day love songs should be. Would you like to read the results?

Josh Wilson  27:46  
Claire de Lune one of my favorite favorite songs. But that's no wait a second.

Amanda Wilson  27:51  
It should have just asked you that one question and been done.

Josh Wilson  27:54  
So does that mean that you only have three songs loaded in? That's right. Oh, my God says

Amanda Wilson  27:59  
well, serene is your middle name. Mine. You can't just get enough of a scenic view. That's true. So this impressionistic piano piece is the perfect choice for you and your loved one this Valentine's Day.

Josh Wilson  28:09  
It is one of my favorite tunes.

Amanda Wilson  28:11  
Well, that will do it for us for this Valentine's Day. Thanks for celebrating with us. And by the way, if you're not a fan of Valentine's Day, which I get it I mean, it's just really a made up holiday. But I love any any opportunity to celebrate and give give things to the people that I love. And most of the world Valentine's Day is considered a friend holiday as well as a love holiday. So Jessica, love the people.

Josh Wilson  28:35  
Well, there's this thing I've seen that I saw for the first time this year, but it's probably not. But this gallon ties around for a long length. Okay, I'd never heard of that before. Yes.

Amanda Wilson  28:46  
Yeah. So, so go celebrate with your gals, with your pals with anybody you want to celebrate with, and maybe have some keto friendly cocktails.

Josh Wilson  28:57  
It's not what I thought you're gonna

Amanda Wilson  28:59  
get out here with your wasabi nonsense. All right, I'll see you later. All right, bye bye.

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